logo_pakua_shipuThe Innu community of Pakua Shipu is located at 550 km north of Sept-Îles, adjacent to the village of Saint Augustine, and is only accessible by boat or plane. In 2012, Pakua Shipu had 309 inhabitants. The main spoken language is Innu-Aimun. The community has a hotel and a radio station. Traditional hunting, trapping, fishing and craft activities are common activities in the community. Recreational tourism is also being developed.

Fishing and processing activities

The community’s main commercial activities are carried out by Pêcheries Shipek, in collaboration with the community of Ekuanitshit. Pêcheries Shipek mainly processes the Iceland scallop, snow crab, Greenland halibut, sea cucumber and whelk thanks to their 6 boats: the Christobal, the Crabier, the Grand Manitu I, the Dashing Wave III, the Pubnico Fisher and the Marée Haute. They also actively fish Atlantic salmon in both of the rivers that run close to the village: Saint-Augustin and Saint-Augustin Nord-Ouest. Fishing is done traditionally, with a harpoon or a gillnet.

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