Fisheries personnel training

peche-au-crabe-1-credit-serge-jauvin-smallOne of AMIK’s missions is to offer training to its member communities to ensure the development of a qualified Innu workforce. Under its AAROM agreement with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, AMIK offers courses each year that prepare students for the many aspects of a career as a fisherman’s helper, fisherman or a fishing boat captain. The possibility of creating and maintaining quality employment is particularly important, as it allows Innu communities to ensure an autonomous economy as well as the well-being of their members.

Training needs are identified annually through consultations with members. The teachers chosen to provide the training are residents of Innu communities as much as possible and students represent the seven member communities in Sept-Îles. Since 2006, AMIK has trained between 25 and 55 persons per year representing the seven member communities. The courses offered to fisherman’s helpers, fishermen and captains are the following:

  • Workshop Operations (Welding and Metalwork)
  • Mending (Acquisition and Maintenance of Fishing Gear)
  • Marine Mechanics (Motor repair and Maintenance)
  • Hydraulic Systems of a Boat (Knowledge and Basic Maintenance)
  • Marine First Aid (On-board First Aid)
  • MED-A1 (Marine Emergency Duties: Basic Safety)
  • ROC-MC (Restricted Operator’s Certificate – Maritime Commercial)
  • Fish Handling and On-board Preservation
  • Working On-Deck (Handling Fishing Vessels and Fish)
  • Fisheries Management (Laws, Objectives, Methodology and Ethics)
  • Vessel Structure Maintenance
  • Fishing Master Class IV Certification

In response to the expressed needs of its members to train more captains, AMIK will be offering a Fishing Master Class IV certification in conjunction with the École des pêches et de l’aquaculture du Québec for the 2016-17 season.

Continuing education for administrators

AMIK’s seven administrators also receive training specific to their responsibilities as administrators and fishing coordinators for their communities.


For more information on the training sessions AMIK offers its members, please contact Serge Langelier, Fisheries Manager.

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