Educate our youth on the marine environment, the fauna, the flora and certain concepts about life in the bush while creating awareness about protecting these areas.

In partnership with the Ferme maricole PURMER, AMIK held a summer camp on Île Grosse Boule in the Sept-Îles archipelago from August 8-12 2016 and from July 3-7 2017. Camp activities reconnected youth with the marine environment using a recreational and educational approach. Holding these summer camps allowed:

  • 10 youth from the Pessamit and ITUM communities to experience an ecological and rustic adventure while living in yurts
  • Traditional Indigenous and scientific knowledge sharing between participants, facilitators and educators from the camp
  • Medicinal plant education through a workshop offered by Institut Tshakapesh


Partners: Ferme maricole Purmer, Pessamit and Uashat mak Mani-Utenam Band Councils, Institut Tshakapesh.
Project Manager: Constance Vollant

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