The goal of this project was to preserve animal and plant habitats used by the Innu for their traditional activities through an awareness campaign and community involvement. Meeting this objective meant implementing three types of actions: awareness, involvement and accountability.

Awareness: Make students and their peers aware of the negative impacts of certain behaviours on habitats as to develop alternative solutions.

  • Awareness kit distributed to teachers (Power Point presentation, fact sheets on behaviours to adopt, interactive games)
  • Survey
  • Awareness posters
  • Radio clips

Involvement: Informing youth and their peers on habitat protection in order to solidify their personal involvement in conservation.

  • Class project on environmental themes to educate other students in their class (energy consumption, plastic recycling, hazardous waste)
  • Beach clean-ups

Accountability: Involve communities in habitat preservation. By signing partnerships with the schools and Band Councils, AMIK will ensure the sustainability of the project by creating awareness and involvement in the community. To help with knowledge sharing, AMIK will offer its partners training on the awareness raising kit as well as a support period for the implementation of a new clean-up strategy.

Products: Student and teacher booklet “Preservation, it’s in my Nature!, Indigenous Guardian Diploma, bilingual eco gesture fact sheets, a guide for organizing a natural habitat clean-up, awareness posters.
Partners: Comité ZIP Côte-Nord du Golfe, Ekuanitshit Band Council, ITUM Band Council, Pessamit Band Council, Innu elementary schools (Johnny-Pilot, Nussim, Teueikan, Tshishteshinu), Écopatrouille of the MRC de Sept- Rivières, Environment Canada, Fondation de la faune du Québec
Project Manager: Caroline Marcotte

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