“Tipatshimunissa e uauitakanit Nitassinan : Aueshishat ka kushtikuannit tshetshi eka taht
Histoires du Nitassinan : Les animaux en danger de disparition”

Four Innu authors and many artists brought their talents together to create a limited edition storybook about endangered species. It had many positive impacts on the community:

  • Promoted the Innu language with childrenlivre-de-contes-2012-garrot-1
  • Encouraged the intergenerational transfer of Traditional Indigenous Knowledge on conservation and preservation
  • Raised awareness as to the environmental impact of our daily actions and encouraged kids to get involved in conservation with a few simple steps


Financial Partners: Department of Canadian Heritage, Fondation de la Faune du Québec
Partners: Institut Tshakapesh
Project Manangers: Claire Pédrot and Soazig Le Breton

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