Since 2008, AMIK has surveyed multiple eelgrass beds along the Saint Lawrence River. Eelgrass beds are underwater prairies composed of thousands of plants (Zostera marina) forming a highly diverse and productive ecosystem. During these surveys, AMIK has collected data on i) fish biodiversity (abundance and diversity of species); ii) physicochemical data and iii) the eelgrass meadow itself (length, density…).

Therefore, AMIK invites tenders for a statistician to analyze the data collected for two eelgrass meadows (9-10 years of data collected for each).

Please take notice of the tender documents below, including the required qualifications and experience to take part in this bidding process (deadline: July 3, 2017).

Call for Tenders – Statistician – Eelgrass Meadow Data Analysis

Sampling eelgrass


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