colloque-sur-la-gestion-participative-du-saumon-2015Facilitate the development of partnerships between communities and implement adaptive management measures.
AMIK brought together over 25 representatives from their member communities in Uashat to discuss the management of Innu Atlantic salmon stocks. Elders, political representatives and resource managers discussed issues concerning salmon stock management in their respective communities. In response, we decided to hold:

  • Workshops allowing the major players of the industry to discuss issues and find innovative and adaptive solutions
  • Conferences on the current situation of Atlantic salmon in North American waters and the management of this resource by other First Nations communities

This event allowed us to establish:

  • Proposals of alternative management solutions identified by participants which were then submitted to each Band Council
  • Community involvement in the creation of a regional round table to manage Innu salmon river resources


Financial Partners: Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk, Secrétariat aux Affaires Autochtones, Hydro-Québec, Conseil régional des élus de la Côte-Nord, Atlantic Salmon Conservation Fund and the seven Innu Band Councils of the North Shore.
Partners: Ministère de la Faune, des Forêts et es Parcs, Corporation de protection de l’Environnement de Sept-Îles
Project Manager: Mathieu Marsa

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