Objectives: camp-shipek-mak-shipu-2014-2
Developed in collaboration with the FNQLSDI, the objective of this project was to introduce the multiple facets of the Saint Lawrence River and other regional rivers in a day camp for Innu youth, while educating them on the importance of preserving marine environments. A team of three facilitators and one project manager visited six Innu communities to offer these day camps to youth ages 9-12. A total of 74 kids participated. We offered:

  • Awareness workshops on the protection of marine life and the menaces threatening the Saint Lawrence River
  • Outings to nature sites on the North Shore like the Mingan archipelago, Île Grande Basque in Sept-Îles and many rivers emblematic of Innu culture
  • Cultural outings: Vieux-Poste de Sept-Îles, Festival Innucadie in Natashquan, Maison de la Faune in Baie- Comeau, Mingan Island Cetacean Study (MICS), Centre d’interprétation des mammifères marins (CIMM)
  • Traditional intervention by an Elder each week of camp
  • Workshops on endangered species with video clips produced by the youth
  • Art workshops

Financial Partners: Forum Jeunesse Côte-Nord through its Fonds régional d’investissement jeunesse, Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et des Exportations (MEIE), First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Sustainable Development Institute (FNQLSDI), Canada Summer Jobs, Caisse populaire Desjardins de Sept-Îles, CKAU Radio, Galeries Montagnaises, Uauitshitun Santé et Services sociaux, Construction Tshiuetin Inc, Lorraine Richard (MNA), Walmart, Épicerie Innu Enr., Dan Esso station, UNAMEN grocery stores, Alouette, Mani-Utenam’s dépanneur and Mani-Utenam’s gas station.
Partners: First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Sustainable Development Institute (FNQLSDI), Conseil des loisirs scientifiques nord-côtier (CLSNC), Comité ZIP Côte Nord du Golfe, Société de restauration du saumon de la rivière Betsiamites, Northern, Entreprises Henri Jenniss Inc, Comité des pêches traditionnelles de Mani-Utenam, Maison de la famille in Mani-Utenam
Project Manager: Louise Dubreuil

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